Withdrawing your Winnings from Pokie Games

At one point or another, an online pokie player made some winnings which were kept in the account created with the casino site. Like any responsible gambler, all the winnings were not put back to the pokie games and instead set aside for future withdrawal. Your casino site should not make the withdrawal process difficult knowing that the money you are withdrawing are your earnings from the game.

Casino sites offer a wide array of payment methods for your deposit and withdrawal transactions. Any one of the payment options offered should be able to handle your withdrawal with ease and without hassle. If, in case the casino site has no existing tie-up with your preferred online payment option, the site will issue a check under your name corresponding to the amount you are intending to withdraw.

Players should take note that most casino sites usually pay out withdrawals in the following manner:

The portion of the withdrawal amount less than or equal to the original purchase amount will be refunded to the original purchase mechanism, e.g., Click2pay. For instance, your withdrawal amount is $1500 and your original purchase amount is $200, this $200 will be refunded or paid back through the payment method you used when you purchased the credit. And the remaining withdrawable amount will be credited to the player’s selected payment option. Withdrawing your winnings from online pokies could not have been easier.
If a player used a deposit option that grants instant gratification for the deposits, the withdrawals will be subject to an eight-day processing period.
Withdrawals may not be processed for Visa/Mastercard depending on the country-specific restrictions imposed by these credit cards.

Navigating the following buttons will help with the withdrawal transaction:

Log-on to your casino site and click Connect button.
Click Bank button.
Click Withdrawal and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Most casino sites give a 24-48 hours holding period for the withdrawal, to allow players to reverse the withdrawal if they so decide to use the amount to continue playing or play another game.

Online slot machines

In the past cards was the home game of choice with slot machines proving too expensive, too bulky to be a home accessory and too repetitive for the investment because the game never changes. Now the internet has made anything possible, online casinos and poker websites have flooded the internet gambling market. The slot machine has also forged its place into home entertainment, prowling the street bars, slot clubs and a casino for a game of slots has been pushed back into history.
Slot machines in general come in various varieties adding to their attraction of always being different and never boring. Stakes are normally a penny, nickel, quarter, dollar, five dollar, and above machines. On top of this there are many popular themes including:, Indiana Jones, Madonna, Strike it rich, Who wants to be a millionaire, Wheel of Fortune and the list is never ending as new models and themes are being introduced everyday. All of these trendy themes and price ranges are available online at a click of the button.
Online slots are regulated and use something called a random number generator to determine the reel spins and these algorithms have been tested and approved by the powers that be. They are also designed to stop cheating, some programs can be too basic and players can spot a pattern and exploit it.
How to begin gambling slots online
There is a huge amount of gambling websites found on the internet, some more reputable than others. They are easy to find but finding the right one for you could prove difficult. Things to beware of are some websites have been caught cheating so you need to look at independent reviews about any site you are contemplating joining.
As competition is so steep with so many online slot companies nearly every site offer additional privileges if you join. Some of the most common you will find are the initial sign up bonus which is effectively free money and in addition free tickets to play other games such as poker, black jack or roulette. The initial sign up can offer bonuses of up to $1000 free. These nearly always come with conditions if you win using the free money, such as you must make a total of $500 worth of bets, regardless of if you win or lose before they will release the first $50 of free money for withdrawal. Free tickets to play other games are promotions to get you interested in playing other games offered on the site. Most of these sites are not only dedicated to solely online slots, they are online casinos providing gambling services.
Online gambling is the answer to the casino at home and now online slots are available for free or for real money. They are fun and never boring with their ever-changing game play and styles. You can easily get a sign up bonus of free money and play other casino games for free using tickets.